TransCanada, Keystone Proponents Not Giving Up

The U.S. Senate failed to override President Obama’s veto of the proposed Keystone pipeline, but supporters of the project will continue working to have it built.

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Canadian Government Sends Terse Note on Keystone

Quoted from the article, “In a tersely worded letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer accused the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of ‘significant distortion and omission” in its recent analysis of the climate impacts of the pipeline.'”

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Video: Hoeven Supports Keystone on Fox News

Senator Hoeven got some prime time media coverage on Fox News Sunday night talking about the Keystone pipeline. Say Anything Blog has the full video and commentary on the appearance.

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Obama Veto of Keystone Pipeline Would Stick, Top Democrat Says

U.S. Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York believes there won’t be enough votes to overturn a Presidential veto. The Senate would need 67 votes to pass the legislation without the Presidents signature. The bill will be taken up early this month.

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Senators Hoeven and Heitkamps Comments of Keystone Vote

The Keystone pipe failed to gain approval in the senate yesterday; the vote came up one short of the required 60 it needed for approval. It was expected that President Obama would have vetoed the bill, but the work will continue.

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