Lake Darling to be Lowered for Spring Runoff

In anticipation of a heavier-than-average spring runoff, the operating level at Lake Darling will be lowered to 1594 feet above sea level — 2 feet below the normal pre-runoff level. The goal is to reach that level by the end of March, and as the releases ramp up over the next weeks, those on the

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Souris River Longbeards Host Annual Fishing Tournament

Yesterday on Lake Darling, you would have found 50 two-man teams competing for fish — more so than they usually do. The annual Souris River Basin Longbeards held their annual tournament yesterday. Get the recap and results from KMOT.

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Lake Darling Fall Update

The flow on the Souris river will continue through out the fall and winter in order to draw Lake Darling down to it’s pre-spring runoff level.

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