FTC Holds Up Mega Grocery Merger Due to Consumer Harm

The Federal Trade Commission is trying to stop Kroger from buying Albertsons for a huge $24.6 billion. They say this, the biggest supermarket merger in U.S. history, would make prices go up and be bad for people who work in the grocery business. Minot’s market is dominated by a single grocery firm. So when the

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BisMan Community Food Cooperative permanently closing; why it matters in Minot

They gave it a six-year go, but it’s at the end. The directors of the Bisman Food Cooperative are closing the doors for good. They could not find a sustainable operating model. Blake Nicholson and David Velazquez with the Bismarck Tribune have the full story. Why does it matter in Minot?¬†One of the common ideas

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The Slow Food Revolution is Just Across the Border

Think of it as the opposite of fast food… a more considered approach to diet and eating. But be careful, a taste of the diet has the potential to infect your entire world view and lifestyle.

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