When ‘100-year floods’ happen often, what should you call them?

It started early and it’s still going; I’m talking about flood season and flood season media coverage across the country. In Minnesota, they’re asking the questions about what it really means to be in a 100-year flood plain if the water comes every few years. Whether it’s nature that’s changing or some form of observation

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What happens when a city chooses Uber to provide public transit?

Privatize, privatize, privatize! That’s the mantra of many who believe government does too much in our lives and in our communities. In Minot, this call has most recently been heard as a part of the City’s landfill and sanitation operations. The suggestion is that the private sector can do both better. But is that the

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Court Orders EPA to Address Landfill Emissions

Minot’s had no shortage of landfill news over the past few years. Most recently, plans where advanced for a 20-25 year expansion on property adjacent to our existing site. And part of the challenge for communities with landfills are the extraordinary environmental protections that govern management and operation of these sites. If a California court

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Kilbourne Group aims to raise $40M for building projects in downtown Fargo

In Fargo, the Kilbourne Group — the organization heavily responsible in downtown Fargo’s renaissance — was staked significantly by Governor Burgum (before he was Governor), but he wasn’t the only player. Patrick Springer with inForum has the backstory on what it took to get the Fargo investment rolling and the 10-year vision they’re working to

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In this college class, the assignment is to solve a local problem

At a California a School often vilified for in our part of the world for being a haven for progressive policy and activism, students are being asked to look inward — at their own cities — to identify and solve a local problem. Fast Company has the full story on the ‘Hacking For Local‘ class.

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Security drives decisions for Minot postal service

Everybody in the region noticed when the Post Office reorganized services a few years ago and removed processing services from Minot. But it’s not likely we’ll see that return anytime soon. Jill Schramm with The Minot Daily has the story on the factors that drive Post Office decisions.

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Grand Forks Macy’s deal falls through; broker wants city to buy the space

The challenge malls have in leasing large anchor tenant spaces is not unique to Minot. In Grand Forks, one idea that’s been floated is relocating the City Library into the former Macey’s space. The article from the Grand Forks Herald linked below has the full details on an idea the City of Grand Forks seems

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Know a young adult with an interest in law enforcement?

Do you know a young adult with an interest in law enforcement or one who’s contemplating a career in the criminal justice field? If so, the Minot Regional Law Enforcement Explorer program may be of interest to you. Watch the video below for the full explanation from Officer Jared Foley, one of the organizers of

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County Will See Millions In Flood Protection Work

The State Legislature appropriated $82.5 million to the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project this past session. Of that, it’s expected that almost 40% will go toward projects outside the City of Minot including work in Burlington an on Minot’s West edge in the Tierracita Vallejo neighborhood. Jim Olson with KX News has the full

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Welcoming Community Roadmap comes to life

What does it mean to be a welcoming place? In Grand Forks they asked the question. Now, some of the answers are coming back and they’re setting to work to ensure their community puts its best foot forward to new citizens. With new transfers to Minot Air Force Base on a regular basis, coming and

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How Entrepreneurs Are Tapping Into the Power of Local

For decades cities across our region tried to crack the job creation nut. How do we create more jobs? But perhaps we’ve been looking at the problem the wrong way, perhaps we shouldn’t be looking to attract jobs, but rather, the specific individuals — entrepreneurs — that create them. If this article from Next City

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The best (and easiest) thing your city can do for itself? Plant more trees

With stories of environmental ruin in the news feed, perhaps you’re wondering what can be done? Here’s one perspective on — if not a solution — a step in a better direction: plant more trees. Heather Alberro writing for Fast Company makes the argument for planting more trees. And she’s not alone in her thinking;

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Who Is Creating Jobs In America?

Did you catch the report last week that unemployment in the U.S. is at the lowest level in a half century? It’s one sign that the larger American economy is showing strong signs, but what if we want to distill this information into something meaningful for Minot? We might ask who is creating those jobs?

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Earth a less and less hospitable environment for non-human species, agriculture a culprit

One report is back, and the findings are bleak. Human activity is making life on Earth tough for those species that cohabit our planet. Why does this matter for Minot? One, we live on Earth. Two, agriculture is playing a large role in this species extinction trend. As the global impacts of these transformations become

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50 years later, what it was like if you zipped to Zap

It started as a casual suggestion, one that offered an alternative (and less expensive one, too) to the emerging tradition of a spring break on the beach. In the end, thousands came including the National Guard. Not everyone left happy. Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News has the full story on a colorful event

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Regina city council eliminates permit fee for new street-painting program

How do you build community? In Regina, street painting is one activity that’s showing promise. How do you discourage street painting? By charging a large administration free. The City’s administration was proposing just such a fee, but the City Council said otherwise. To them, the benefit was worth more than the cost of the not-inconsequential

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