And for our next magic trick…

Magic. How do you define it? It’s a more important Minot question than you might guess. First, we are the ‘Magic’ City. When the Great Northern Railroad finished its 1886 construction season and stopped for the winter, it stopped in our valley. The town sprung up overnight — as if by magic. We earned our nickname

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Evidence for a New Economic Development Model?

Economic growth, economic diversity, these are buzzwords in North Dakota and in Minot right now. The City’s NDR application talks about it; our consultant on the project, CDM Smith, even has a $300,000 budget to create an ‘Economic Development Strategic Plan for Minot & Ward County’. We also have the MAGIC fund, a sales-tax-funded pot

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Questions & Concerns With Handing Over $375,000 to Anyone

First and foremost, I applaud Stephanie Hoffart and her team at MADC for developing a prospect as exciting as Skyscopes. Between the Air Force, the oil and energy industries, and the ag business, the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry is a great fit for Minot. It would be awesome if our little town can carve

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It’s Open! Renaissance Parking Structure Ready for Cars

One of Minot’s embattled downtown parking garages is now open for cars. City leaders and project managers gathered Thursday afternoon to officially cut the ribbon. Work will continue around the structure as the commercial and residential space is built out.

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Manitoba: Loan program announced for breweries and distilleries

The province of Manitoba is looking to kickstart the brewing and distilling industries. So much so, they’re starting a loan program to help new start-ups purchase equipment.

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Fargo to revisit city’s tax break policy

These programs justify themselves under the shield of economic development, and there are examples where they are effective at generating redevelopment. But in Fargo, it seems the City Commission has been stretching framework to fit project.

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MADC Pulls MAGIC Fund Request for Downtown Businesses

The Minot Area Development Corporation has pulled its request for a financial relief program intended for downtown merchants and property owners. MADC had requested a $500,000 program that would have provided interest buydowns for qualifying downtown merchants; they have been asked by the Downtown Business and Professional Association to take more time with the issue.

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Wells Fargo Passes on Cypress Development Bailout Package, Parking Garages Back in Limbo

A portion of the City’s recently approved bailout money for the downtown parking garage developer is in question after Wells Fargo chose not to loan money on a complimentary portion of the finance package. KX News has the story.

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