Election Perspective: Mike Rowe Weights In…

Mike Rowe earned his place in the American lexicon by spending a day doing the jobs that few among us choose to do. Since he left television, he’s maintained the reputation he earned there by fighting for workers and the need to train people into the trades. He’s also developed a significant following on Facebook

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A High-tech Hotel Opening in Japan Will be Staffed by Multilingual Robots

A couple days ago The Minot Voice published some commentary by Mike Rowe on the minimum wage debate. Today, you’ll get a confirmation to his points — the world we live in is being slowly automated. Scroll down for the Mike Rowe article, it’s not far.

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Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Fame Breaks Down the Minimum Wage Debate

Mike Rowe has a way of unwrapping complex issues and putting them into everyday terms. His response to a letter about the minium wage is a great example. Consider it a must read.

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