Minneapolis City Council gives tentative approval to $15 minimum wage

It appears the minimum wage experiments in cities across the U.S. will continue. Minneapolis is the latest large city to take up the economically-controversial topic with a proposal to raise minimum wages to $15 per hour. Seattle recently implemented their own mandated wage increase, and in that case, there’s data that suggest the policy backfired.

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Seattle’s minimum-wage increase made the most vulnerable workers poorer

In the battle for a higher minimum wage, the logic seems clear; raise wages for the lowest earners among us to bring them closer to a living wage. It’s great in intention, but it would now seem that in real world practice, it doesn’t play out that way. Seattle has gone through two significant minimum

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Seattle Restaurants Scramble To Pay A Higher Minimum Wage

Seattle is in the middle of a grand experiment, and one that comes with considerable risk. Over the next several years, the city will phase in a $15 minimum wage. And in the early going, it’s putting a lot of pressure on small businesses, especially restaurants.

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A High-tech Hotel Opening in Japan Will be Staffed by Multilingual Robots

A couple days ago The Minot Voice published some commentary by Mike Rowe on the minimum wage debate. Today, you’ll get a confirmation to his points — the world we live in is being slowly automated. Scroll down for the Mike Rowe article, it’s not far.

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Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Fame Breaks Down the Minimum Wage Debate

Mike Rowe has a way of unwrapping complex issues and putting them into everyday terms. His response to a letter about the minium wage is a great example. Consider it a must read.

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