West Fargo School Growth Offers Minot a Point of Place to Place Comparison

West Fargo Public Schools is on a trajectory to outpace all North Dakota school districts, including our own in Minot, and become the largest within the next three years. Current projections indicate an influx of over 1,300 students by the 2028-29 academic year, pushing total enrollment to nearly 14,255. Factors such as residential growth, demographic

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Minot’s School Budget Crunch Not Unique

In the wake of Minot Public Schools grappling with potential closures of two elementary schools due to budget constraints, a similar scenario is unfolding in Iowa City. The school district there is deliberating on how to cut costs by $7.5 million over the next two years, with options such as changing class size rules and

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Minot Public Schools Board Meeting Agenda Agenda, Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

The Minot Public Schools Board will meet Thursday, February 2nd at 4:00 p.m. at the administration building in downtown Minot. The School Board meeting can be livestreamed via their Youtube channel found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZQhUE5Lb43lZlO6pBJ-8g/live The School Board packet can be found here: https://bit.ly/MPSBP22 The agenda is included below. Call to Order: Jim Rostad, President Pledge

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ND High school Hoops – Revised Three-Division Plan Unveiled, 23-24 Still in Play

The question whether to move North Dakota High School Basketball to three divisions instead of the current two-division Class A and Class B system is headed to a February 8th final decision. At a meeting of the North Dakota High School Activities Association on Friday, a revised plan was presented that accounted for much of

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Minot-area School Districts Oppose Administrative Consolidation and Salary Caps

A legislative bill that would consolidate administration of some of North Dakota’s smaller school districts and place salary caps on those positions is not popular around Minot. Jill Schramm with The Minot Daily News has the full story on the bill including comments from South Prairie and Surrey School District representatives.

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Minot Adult Learning Center serves local community

The programs and services at Minot’s Adult Learning Center should be on your radar. From community education programs on topics from pottery to technology to GED and Certified Nursing Assistant coursework, the center provides a regular curriculum of life-enriching and life-advancing opportunities. Jennifer Brodal with the Minot Daily News has the full must-read story.

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Minot Public School Board Meeting & Agenda, January 19, 2023

The Minot Public School Board will meet for its regular monthly meeting today at 4:30 p.m. at the School District Administration building in downtown Minot. The attached agenda will be considered. The meeting can be live-streamed on the MPS Youtube channel found here.  The full Board member packet can be viewed here.   

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Should School Board Candidates Be Required To File Campaign Finance Reports? Proposed Legislation Says Yes

Currently, candidates for local school board officers are not required to file campaign finance reports the same as other local office candidates. But two bills proposed in the current legislative session would change that. The bills propose to exempt school board candidates in districts with less than 750 students, but for all others, campaign finance

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Build Montana program receives national recognition as it continues to grow

What do you do if you’ve got a demand for a particular skill but not enough people to do it? If you’re the Montana Equipment Dealer’s Association, you partner with private companies and a public school district and start training kids. In this case, the pilot project was for heavy equipment operators, and the success

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Grand Forks Schools Investing in New Language Arts Curriculum & Data Monitoring With Community Partners

A new language arts curriculum for Grand Forks sixth graders has proven itself; the school board is approving a 10-year $320,000 investment that was previously piloted and found to be an improvement. Additionally, the school district is partnering in a data exchange with the Community Violence Intervention Center; the goal is to identify and monitor

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Cognizant donates 37-Acre North Minot Campus to Minot Public Schools, School District intends to repurpose as 9-12 High School

Minot Public Schools has announced the acquisition of 37-acres in North Minot from Cognizant. The plan is to repurpose the buildings and campus for a second high school. The School District’s full news release follows below. — Official News Release, Minot Public Schools — Minot Public School District #1, in conjunction with Cognizant, is thrilled

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GF School Board team offers ‘unconventional’ contract

Across the state, school boards are in negotiations with teachers to secure contracts for the upcoming school year. And in Grand Forks, the school board put an offer on the table that included the district picking up 100% of the employee contribution to the retirement fund. Pamela Knudson with the Grand Forks Herald has the

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Another week, another voter-rejected school bond proposal

Another Williston-area school district was asking for bond authority to build new schools. The voters said no. This theme has been on replay across Western North Dakota in recent months. It matters in Minot because we have our own school capacity problem. But Minot School officials remain mum on what the plan or approach is

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In school, extracurriculars are more than nice-to-have: they’re essential

With the rise in property taxes around Minot and the ever-tightening budgets, elected officials — by nature — will look for places to cut spending. In schools, that commonly results in cuts to extra curricular activities. But if the goal in education is the development of ‘human capital’, i.e., turning our kids into the most

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Bismarck hires two new coordinators to support Native American students

The transition from a reservation school — where administrators and teachers are more attuned to the particular challenges of native students — to a city school can be daunting. And in Bismarck, where native students make up ~9% of the enrollment, the School District is making an investment in helping these transitions and other challenges

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North Dakota oil patch and small district teachers earn more

The legislature took up the problem of North Dakota’s teacher shortage by easing teacher licensing requirements and there’s a potential state revenue to school district increase in conference committee. Teacher salary is another obvious tool in the teacher recruiting arsenal, and this report from the Grand Forks Herald shares some statewide comparison numbers as well

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