Burgum urges National Park Service to maintain herd of wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

If you’re not aware, the horses in Teddy Roosevelt Park have been in the news because of the possibility of removing them from the park. You’ve got through today to add your own comments for consideration by the National Park Service. Yesterday, Governor Burgum added his on behalf of all of us. Read the full

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Wild horses tied to Theodore Roosevelt’s past ‘integral to honoring ranching experiences’

Horses or no horses? That’s the question the National Park Service is currently asking with regards to the wild livestock the runs the badlands of Teddy Roosevelt National Park. The reason the Park Service is asking: they’re not sure their mandate to preserve and conserve native ecosystems aligns with having horses in the park. But

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Preserving the Nakota Line…

The horses have a storied past… perhaps dating back to Sitting Bull and the Marquis de Mores, but preservation of the hardy, prairie breed is in jeopardy as the costs of maintaining the herd have put the Nakota Horse Conservancy in financial distress. The Kuntz family and the non profit behind the conservation movement have reached

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