Change makes sense for Corps of Engineers

Few places have had more experience with the Corps of Engineers and flood protection than Minot, but Southern Lousiana is one place that can probably make the claim. And with experience, comes the opportunity to be constructively critical. Check out this editorial from the Daily Comet calling for a reorganization of the Corps interior related

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Trade tariffs weigh heavy on big beer bottom lines

When tariffs on aluminum get tossed around as negotiating chips, America’s big beer makers get nervous. When you sell a lot of beer in aluminum cans, even a little tariff can have a big impact. Joe Deaux writing for Bloomberg has the story on the trade-offs that may result from fighting a trade war. It’s

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The story on Minot is changing

A key to Minot’s success is what other people and other places are saying about us. Word of mouth works for communities the same way it does for businesses — it’s the reference that matters most. And the conversations about Minot taking place in other places are starting to change in a good way. This

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The epic bender to celebrate the newly finished U.S. Constitution

Writing the U.S. Constitution was hard, thirsty work, and upon finishing our nation’s founding fathers excused themselves to the City Tavern to avail themselves of some relief. What transpired is still worthy of a retelling more than 230 years later. Remember the evening with this article on the Fargo Forum.

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The Sad State of Presidential News Coverage

Our President is much taller than was President Madison. He is not as obese as was President Taft. He has more hair than did President Eisenhower. He is not as divisive as was Confederate President Jefferson Davis

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Who’s Going to Capitalize on the North Dakota/NAFTA Talking Point?

In November of 2017, two studies were made public regarding the effect of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) were it to be repealed. One study was done by BMO Capital Markets and the other by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The third most vulnerable state were NAFTA to be repealed would be North

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Disruption in real time, UPS preorders 125 Tesla semi-trucks

Disruption is the process by which standard practices are upset; that disruption then forces both people and companies to adapt. When in a period of significant disruption. Both politically, economically, and innovatively. Here’s one example of the latter. The lesson: we need to be resilient and ready for change.

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Welcome to Washington… er … La-La Land

This month has been what looks like a reality check. Let’s stipulate to a few facts. In Washington, D.C. we have a Republican President, a Republican House of Representatives and a Republican Senate. In the opinion of these duly elected persons, a tax decrease is needed to stimulate the economy. This is at a time

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Rooting for Alabama from North Dakota

Former U.S. Congressman from Boston and House Speaker, Tip O’Neil coined the truism, “All politics are local”. That fact of life is presently playing itself out in the state of Alabama. Alabama has a unique h

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Tax & Spend or Borrow & Spend? Or Reject the Premise?

I am very possibly of the minority when it comes to public opinion, but nonetheless in the mainstream with the opinions of the majority of credible economists. If there are tax reductions by Congress, it will in all probability stimulate the economy at least over the short term. A tax decrease would also be popular

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A look inside the small US towns that will be crushed by the trucking revolution

Disruption is coming. Automated cars have been a regular topic here on The Minot Voice, and that will continue. The reason, the technology is going to reshape the base fabric of this country. One of the likely less considered implications, how the transition to self-driving technology will change the small towns and roadside truck stops

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Drug company billionaire arrested on charges of opioid conspiracy

When it comes to moving product, it seems some in the pharmaceutical industry are far more concerned with the bottom line than medical ethics and basic human scruples. And when those values combine to bolster sales of a highly addictive opioid-based painkiller, the results are both tragic and criminal.

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Enlisting Educators in the War Against Prescription Drug Abuse

The opioid epidemic is not unique to Minot; it’s a nationwide problem. And the solutions aren’t simple either. But in the opinion of Tammy Wincup of Everfi, one tool we should be using is an education curriculum that empowers and educates students about the dangers of prescription drugs. It’s worth a read, Everfi may even

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Small Montana firm lands Puerto Rico’s biggest contract to get the power back on

Weeks after Hurricane Maria’s landfall in Puerto Rico, much of the island is still without power. And the challenges that come with getting the grid up and running are daunting. The logistics and technical ability required by the work are significant which is why a few eyebrows were raised when a $300 million contract to

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Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty

If your personal information was compromised by the data breach at Equifax, hopefully you’ve been notified and are taking steps to protect yourself. And if you were impacted, there’s no doubt the situation has been more than a little inconvenient. And all of it speaks to what standard of corporate responsibility Equifax should be held

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Costco has officially raised the alarm on US tariffs

With recent discussions about NAFTA making headlines, it’s always worth noting when and where possible how businesses react to political posturing. The first law of politics and policy should be, “beware the unintended consequences”. And in the case of the tough talk over North American trade policy, it’s fair to say the private sector is taking

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