East Grand Forks City Council reviews proposed sales tax for upgrades to city’s recreational facilities

How does a place pay for the nice things it wants like parks and playgrounds? Taxes. And in East Grand Forks, the City Council is contemplating adding a sales tax to pay for adding and upgrading recreational facilities. The question on the tax isn’t if, it’s how much? And the answer is going to be

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NAWS Project Progress 

The Northwest Area Water Supply project has been in the works for decades. Initially held up in the courts, project construction began recently after a long halt, and milestone completions are on the horizon. Kim Fundingsland with The Dakotan has the full story on a project of impact for Minot and the region.

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Work to start next spring on $1B water pipeline for Red River Valley

The legal fight over NAWS — and its eminent conclusion — are paving the way for another Missouri River water supply project with cross-border implications. The Red River Water Supply Project got $30 million from the legislature. When completed, it will move water from the Missouri River to the Sheyenne River and is designed to

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NAWS Project Takes Big Step Forward

The Northwest Area Water Supply project took a big step forward yesterday when the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation gave their blessing to the plan in place. There are still steps to take, but the plan to blend Lake Sakakawea water with local aquifers will move forward.

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KX News: NAWS Project Update

The Northwest Area Water Supply Project (NAWS) has been a litigated issue nearly from day one, but the days of being held up in court appear to be numbered.¬†The decision from a judge isn’t imminent, but it does look to be on schedule within the calendar year. Here’s the full update from KX News. Here’s

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Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for NAWS Released

The final (hopefully) piece of the bureaucratic puzzle needed for completion of the NAWS project is in place. The supplemental environmental impact statement has been released by the Bureau of Reclamation. A thirty day comment period is required before the two lawsuits, one filed by Manitoba and one by Missouri, are allowed to restart the

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Sen. Hoeven & Gov. Dalrymple Pressure EPA to Move NAWS Forward

Senator Hoeven is pressuring EPA director Gina McCarthy to come to a workable solution for the final implementation of the Northwest Area Water System.

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