Verizon argues throttling video is allowed under net neutrality rules

What will the Internet look like if there’s a roll back on the FCC’s net neutrality rules? We’re perhaps getting a taste. Last week, Verizon was caught and then admitted to throttling video content on its network. Basically, that means they slowed down the speed at which they delivered video — intentionally.

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Comcast says it should be able to create internet fast lanes for self-driving cars

The first of a couple articles on the net neutrality issue, Comcast is arguing that the need to provide faster more reliable service to self-driving cars will warrant a competitive pricing model. That means they can charge more for certain types of data traffic. Medical uses and automated cars are the examples they use to

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Cable TV Chord Cutting On the Rise

Minot Voice Editorial: The news you’ll read on Quartz informs the recently surging net neutrality debate. It’s easy to imagine a protectionist agenda from our big-corporation cable and media providers in light of a rapidly changing market place that favors choice.

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