Bond Failure in Rural Williston Sends Officials Back to Drawing Board

  The effort was for a new K-8 school in Williston’s rural District 8. The message from the voters will send school board officials back to the table to find a home for students of the soon-to-be-eliminated Stoney Creek Middle School.

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Divide County Residents Approve $9.9 Million School Bond

The bond issue required a 60% supporting vote; it was approved on the second try.

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Watford City: New high school set to open

Education in Watford City is will be taking a step forward this week. The new high school is set to open February 15th; among the features: first-time facilities for theater and performing arts, enhanced security, and smart classrooms.

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New Williston High stays on tight schedule

Construction on Williston’s new high school is approximately 50% complete. They’re at the stage where lot’s of little decisions about how the school will live are being made. The building will be complete in time for the 2016-17 school year.

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Bismarck: Legacy’s schedule offers flexibility, development of unique courses

At Bismarck’s newest high school, students are playing a bigger role in shaping their daily schedules. The relaxed regulations allow¬†students to build their own curriculums and teachers the chance to tailor classes towards topics that generate student interest.

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Study: Watford City student numbers expected to top 3,000

In spite of the oil slow down, growth projections for Watford City schools remain strong. The district is in the process of making plans to accommodate more than 3,000 students within the next 10 years, an enrollment that’s more than double the current number.

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West Fargo moves forward with new elementary school project

In November, West Fargo citizens approved a $98 million bond referendum for the school district. The first of two new elementary schools is being put out for bid. An aquatics center, renovations to the high school, and a two-sheet ice arena were also part of the bond referendum.

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South Prairie Celebrates High School Addition

South of Minot there’s a new school open on the prairie and now attending for the first time in a long time — high school students. KMOT has the story that includes video of the new addition to South Prairie school.

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