Across the country, cities and states begin battles with corporate pharmaceuticals over opioid crisis

Through lives lost to overdoses or changed forever due to addiction and numerous cascade effects such as increases in property crime and demand for services, the costs of the opioid epidemic are staggering. And who’s bearing the cost? People, families, and local places are carrying a lot of it. And now they’re using the legal

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Americans say: hold drug companies responsible for opioid crisis

Some states have filed lawsuits against the drug companies. And according to a poll conducted by NPR, the majority of Americans are ok with holding those same companies accountable. Get the full story from NPR.

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U.S. launches four-state study to find ways to reduce opioid overdose deaths

The opioid addiction epidemic that’s sweeping the country has finally gotten the notable attention of federal government. The response: a $350 million appropriation going to research sites in four states — Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, and Ohio — with the hopes of developing solutions at the local level.

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North Dakota’s first syringe exchange program tackles trust issues

Among the hard-to-measure longterm costs associated with the nation’s opioid epidemic — the future health care costs of former abusers who’ve contracted a disease through sharing needles. And while controversial, needle exchange programs have been shown to reduce the spread of infection, thereby lowering future healthcare costs and demands. North Dakota’s first program is getting

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Engulfed in Opioid Deaths, Ohio Turns to Science

A huge contributor to the opioid epidemic is the over-prescription of pain medication. In other words, a┬ábig percentage of those addicted get their start at the doctor’s office. And that fact is driving a number of research-based pain reduction techniques and technologies. The idea: if we have alternative pain treatment methods, we don’t have to

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Drug company billionaire arrested on charges of opioid conspiracy

When it comes to moving product, it seems some in the pharmaceutical industry are far more concerned with the bottom line than medical ethics and basic human scruples. And when those values combine to bolster sales of a highly addictive opioid-based painkiller, the results are both tragic and criminal.

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Enlisting Educators in the War Against Prescription Drug Abuse

The opioid epidemic is not unique to Minot; it’s a nationwide problem. And the solutions aren’t simple either. But in the opinion of Tammy Wincup of Everfi, one tool we should be using is an education curriculum that empowers and educates students about the dangers of prescription drugs. It’s worth a read, Everfi may even

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Drug experts see confluence of factors behind opioid crisis

In Minot, the Mayor’s Committee on Addiction met this week. When it comes to dealing with the effects of the opioid and larger addiction problem, they’re going to divide and hopefully conquer. They’ll be splitting into several sub-committees to deal with different arms of the larger animal. It’s important work, but the method also invites

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