Winnipeg Making the Most of River Recreation Opportunities

When life gives you winter, make winter fun. That seems to be the attitude of the folks in Winnipeg who convert the Assiniboine and Red Rivers into frozen skating trails when the ice becomes safe enough. Maybe it’s an idea for the Souris River too.

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Lace ’em up: Downtown Fargo skating rink opens

A joint private-public project in Fargo has people lacing up skates in the downtown business district. It’s a trial rink for the next few years, but if successful the city and parks plan to make permanent.

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When Nature Delivers Winter, Go With it

When nature gives you winter for five months a year, it’s better to go ahead and embrace it. With that in mind, Edmonton’s Freezeway — an 11km outdoor commute by skate concept — is moving towards the fast-track lane.

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Four Miles of Skating Trail Opens on Red River Near Winnipeg

We’ve been featuring a few of these stories because it seems like in Canada park districts are getting more creative with their winter recreation activities. Here’s another story about a river based skating trail for those looking for some exercise and a dose of nature.

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The Not-So-Crazy Plan to Build an Ice-Skating Highway Through Edmonton

When you’re forced to live with 6 months of winter, maybe you should learn to skate. And if you live in Edmonton, your morning commute could also be your exercise and daily skate — if this innovative idea comes to pass.

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Enbridge Volunteers Team Up With Surrey to Build Skating Rink

When North Dakota gives you winter, you might as well make ice, and volunteers from Enbridge came through for the city of Surrey in helping make an outdoor ice rink the newest local attraction.

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Winnipeg River Trail Open or Skating

If life gives you winter, maybe you should make do with winter recreation. And that’s exactly what Winnipeg is doing with this creative outdoor recreation idea.

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