Paddlefish Caviar Brings the Arts to Bakken

Every once in a while there’s one of those, ‘only in North Dakota’ stories — this is one of them. And it was perfectly titled by the editors of the Jamestown Sun. Go read it.  

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Fishers Flock to North Dakota to Catch Paddlefish

The banks of the Missouri River near Williston are teaming with fisherman hoping to snag a paddlefish. Nick Amantangelo with KMOT News has the story on the annual spring ritual.

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Paddle Fishing Season: The Details & History on a True North Dakota Experience

The art of paddlefishing is found in few places around the country, and for a few days each spring North Dakotans get the chance to try their luck at snagging the giant river fish. Get the details on the annual occasion from Doug Leier.

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