Learn: The Physics Behind Why Bikes Don’t Need Riders

Want to know why a ghost riding bikes stay on their wheels? It’s a physics thing. The video below walks you through the principles. minutephysics MinutePhysics (uploads) on YouTube

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Watch: What Can Stacking Three Balls on Top of Each Other Teach You About Physics?

How about a three-minute physics lesson on energy transfer delivered in an visual experiment that you easily reproduce at home? Yes? Click and watch.

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Learn: A Pool, a Plate, and a Physics Lesson…

If you’re the curious, life-long learner type you might get a kick out of the latest from Physics Girl. In four minutes, it covers everything you can learn by dragging a plate through the water in a pool.  

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Learn: Why is it Harder to Drive Backwards?

When you can get a beautifully simple physics lesson wrapped in an entertaining, short video that explains a phenomenon we’ve all encountered… we’ll always share it here.  

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Did We Just Get a Clue into the Mystery of the Missing Dark Matter?

In theoretical physics, the border between science and science fiction is often hard to see… which makes it a lot like dark matter, but scientists in Europe think they’ve got a lead on stuff that theoretically makes up 84% of the universe.

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