Enbridge pushes back on need for Line 3 oil pipeline replacement in Minnesota

Few infrastructure developments are more contentious these days than oil pipeline projects. We’ve had our own battles here in North Dakota, but in Minnesota getting pipelines approved is more difficult yet. But with regards to the Line 3 Pipeline from NE North Dakota to Superior Wisconsin, Enbridge is pushing back against regulatory slowplaying with facts

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Sandpiper Pipeline Shelving Drives Enbridge Energy Partners to $406.4-million loss

The planned Sandpiper Pipeline was proposed to run from North Dakota East through Minnesota and Wisconsin. It has been put on the shelf due to decreased demand and permitting difficulty through Minnesota, a situation that drove Enbridge to losses of more than $400 million in third quarter filings.

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#NoDAPL Protester Arrested for Firing a Weapon at Police

A #NoDAPL protestor was arrested yesterday for pulling a revolver and firing it at police officers at the scene. No one was injured in this incident, but there was another firearms incident with an injury not involving law enforcement. All told, there were more than 130 arrests yesterday. Rob Port has the story.

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Corp of Engineers Sponsor Public Forum on Sakakawea Pipelines

There already several pipelines under Lake Sakakawea and several more are in the planning and review stages. And the Corp of Engineers was in Garrison on Monday night to listen to the concerns of the public. Kim Fundingsland has the story.

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Northwest Landowners Associations Gathers Officials for Pipeline Discussion

The Northwest Landowners Association recently held an information expo with the intention of finding solutions for the friction between landowners and pipeline operators and contractors. Amy Dalrymple has the story.

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Appeals court says Iowa farmer may sue pipeline for crop damage

A court case in Iowa may set an important precedent for landowners. An appeals court ruled that a farmer leasing land has the right to sue a pipeline operator; the farmer believes the pipeline creates heat which drys the soil and reduces production.

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Grand Forks County landowner files appeal in Sandpiper pipeline dispute

A landowner in Grand Forks County has filed an appeal to prevent Enbridge’s Sandpiper pipeline from crossing their land. John Hageman has the details on the latest holdup for the beleaguered pipeline project.

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Pipelines Now Preferred Transportation for Bakken Oil

  As a percentage total, less and less oil is being shipped by rail. And as infrastructure starts to catch up, we’ll likely see that number continue to fall. This article provides informative background and content from the director of the ND Pipeline Authority.

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