Steps Towards Improved Rail Safety Moving Forward

Two new state inspectors are now on the ground providing third-party oversight for the railway shipping system responsible for moving millions of barrels of oil and other goods out of North Dakota. Renee Jean with the Williston Herald has the story.

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Despite Political Obstruction Pipelines Have Caught Up With Rail In North Dakota

In a mix of commentary and news, Rob Port at Say Anything points out that in spite of oppositionĀ to pipelines, we’re now transporting as much oil out of state by pipeline as we are by rail.

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EIA Now Tracking Monthly Crude by Rail Movements

— Official News Release, U.S. Energy InformationĀ Administration — For the first time, EIA is providing monthly data on rail movements of crude oil, which have significantly increased over the past five years. The new data on crude-by-rail (CBR) movements are integrated with EIA’s existing monthly petroleum supply statistics, which already include movements by pipeline, tanker,

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BNSF Announces Measures to Improve Railroad Safety

Railroad safety is and should be a topic of national conversation, and The Dickinson Press has the latest on steps being taken by Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

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Done Waiting for Trains… Enderlin Backs Off, Berthold Hits the Gas

Berthold may soon be ticketing train engineers if a train blocks both in-town crossings for more than 20 minutes. Meanwhile in Enderlin, the City repealed an ordinance making the same behavior illegal after a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court.

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Train Derailment S.E. of Fargo

Thankfully the train was carrying lumber and other non-hazardous material. The incident on the B.N.S.F line included 32 cars, and is another reminder of the risks associated with transporting oil over the railways.

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Staying Prepared for the Worst…

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services has hired Witt O’Briens LLC, a Washington D.C. based consulting firm with an office in Mandan, to conduct a system analysis and provide recommendations on oil industry related emergencies.

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