North Dakota House passes bill for Renaissance Zone reentry

The state law authorizing Renaissance Zones was first passed in 2001, and at the time, it didn’t account for a time in the future in which a city with lapsed participation in the program — due to changing political fortunes — might want to rejoin. Well, the law is headed for an update, and it’s

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Fargo to revisit city’s tax break policy

These programs justify themselves under the shield of economic development, and there are examples where they are effective at generating redevelopment. But in Fargo, it seems the City Commission has been stretching framework to fit project.

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Fargo Renaissance Zone Extended 5 years

Downtown development incentives have been extended by the City of Fargo for an additional five years.

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The Renaissance Zones are Working

The Fargo Forum takes a closer look at the Renaissance Zone incentives and the impact they have had on smaller communities.

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Fargo City Commission Considers Renewal of Renaissance Zone Tax Breaks

In Minot we’re working on our own downtown renaissance, one that’s somewhat behind Fargo’s. The sentiment in Fargo suggests the vote will be to continue the tax incentives for downtown development.

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