Sandpiper Pipeline Shelving Drives Enbridge Energy Partners to $406.4-million loss

The planned Sandpiper Pipeline was proposed to run from North Dakota East through Minnesota and Wisconsin. It has been put on the shelf due to decreased demand and permitting difficulty through Minnesota, a situation that drove Enbridge to losses of more than $400 million in third quarter filings.

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Grand Forks County landowner files appeal in Sandpiper pipeline dispute

A landowner in Grand Forks County has filed an appeal to prevent Enbridge’s Sandpiper pipeline from crossing their land. John Hageman has the details on the latest holdup for the beleaguered pipeline project.

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Sandpiper Pipeline Receives ‘Certificate of Need’ Permit

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission granted a certificate of need permit to Enbridge. This permit certifies the need to move oil via pipeline. The next piece of the equation is the routing permit which is expected to take several more months.

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Sandpiper Pipeline in North Dakota Looks Headed to Eminent Domain Trial

  A Wisconson family that owns land in the path of Enbridge’s proposed Sandpiper pipeline has made a commitment to stand on their principles and deny access across their land. The issue¬†is likely headed to court and will test North Dakota’s eminent domain laws.

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Sandpiper Pipeline on Hold as Minnesota P.S.C. Reviews Findings

Approval of Enbridge’s Sandpiper pipeline, a proposed natural gas and oil pipeline through Northern Minnesota, is stuck in bureaucracy. Minnesota’s Public Service Commission needs to weigh in on the issue, but, it won’t be on their agenda for months.

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Sandpiper Oil Pipeline Hearing Draws Crowded House in Duluth

Public Hearings over the routing of Enbridge’s Sandpiper pipeline are drawing big crowds in Minnesota. Meetings have been held in Saint Paul and Duluth and are scheduled for Bemidji, Crookston and St. Cloud.

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Enbridge Pipeline Slowed Down in Minnesota

A proposed oil pipeline¬†will be slowed down to explore alternative routes through Northern Minnesota. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission denied a motion by Enbridge that would have expedited approval of the pipeline’s route.

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