Part II: Inside the jail where inmate’s fate was sealed

Kim Fundingsland takes us into the Ward County Jail and the culture that existed there before the Dustin Irwin tragedy and now after the reforms have been and are being put into place. Learning from this mistake is the perhaps the least and the most we can do.

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Sheriff Kukowski Trail Hangs on Technicality

Charges against currently-suspended Ward County Sheriff Kukowski that resulted from the death of inmate Dustin Irwin in October of 2014 are hanging on a technical mistake made by the special prosecuting attorney. It’s a matter of date, and in the case of typing 2014 versus 2015 created a legal argument may halt the prosecution.

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Ward County Jail Election: Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday is a special election day in Ward County;  this is the guide to making your decision. What Are We Voting On? In simplest terms, we’re voting on whether we allow the County to take out a bigger loan. In technical terms, we’re voting on an amendment to a sales tax law that we approved

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