MnDOT cuts back road salt use to save money, protect water

Why would the Minnesota DOT reducing salt usage on the roadways be relevant in Minot? Because a common question of those new to our area is why don’t we use salt on our roads? And the answer is because it’s more expensive than sand. Plus, it’s bad for the environment — salt gets into the

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City looking for snowbusters

The City of Regina is reaching out to residents with competition designed to help keep the sidewalks clear of snow. Residents can nominate their neighbors who go above and beyond, with the winner receiving a snowblower at season’s end.

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Why Do City Snowplows Damage Curbs?

This comes out of Grand Forks, but it’s not a unique problem. It’s fair to say that the issues of snow removal are similar… at least in North Dakota, so get informed on one of the challenges of keeping the streets clean.

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