Levee improvements planned for Heart River in Mandan

Flood protection is not a problem unique to Minot. FEMA is in the process of reviewing their flood-risk maps across North Dakota, and one of the steps that goes with that process is a look at the local levees. In Mandan, it looks like those levees will need about $36 million in improvements of which

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Burgum opens applications for State Water Commission

The State Water Commission is a hugely influential body, they’re responsible for directing the Water Commissions legislative appropriation which in recent bienniums numbered in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They’re also the organization informing many aspects of our local flood protection project. And at the conclusion of yesterday’s meeting, Governor Burgum announced that there

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State Water Commission votes on drought, flood measures

A State Water Commission appropriation following the 2011 flood that was originally committed to Ward County will be redirected to the City of Minot to help with acquisitions related to the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection project.

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On the Record: Local Legislators Comment on Flood Protection Funding

House Bill 1020 is the State Water Commission appropriations bill. It’s a big deal for Minot because it’s the Water Commission that contributes money to flood protection. In other words, if the Water Commission is appropriated money for flood protection, then Minot has a chance at getting some of those dollars. The bill was passed

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ND water projects safe from budget cuts

Nearly a billion dollars in spending from the State Water Commission is safe from budget cuts. But with less money being diverted into the water commission’s budget from oil taxes, there are question marks for several intent-to-fund projects in the next biennium.

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State Water Commission Addresses Souris Valley Flood Protection

The State Water Commission met Friday morning, and our local flood protection project was on the agenda. The project at an important and frustrating point where it now needs participation from the Corps of Engineers.

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