Swedish govt moves to get rid of permits needed for dancing

Our friends in Sweden are two-stepping into 2023, and if the law changes as it’s expected to, they won’t have to get a permit to do it. Swedish law has long required bar and restaurant owners to get a permit if they wanted to let patrons dance, but it looks like that’s going to change.

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Rare earth minerals deposit found in Sweden

Our Scandinavian friends in Sweden have made a big discovery — a significant deposit of neodymium and praseodymium. They’re rare earth elements that go into making magnets. Why does it matter in Minot? Because like it or not, we are members of a global community, and in the geopolitics of rare earth elements, China has

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Sweden makes regulatory push to allow new nuclear reactors

The European energy apple cart was upset over the past year; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed everything. As a result, energy security has become a big priority. Sweden looking at nuclear sources to meet their demand. Get the full story from Reuters.

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Commentary: 7 Myths about Scandinavia’s Social Democratic ‘Paradise’

Scandanavian countries are often held as examples of successful socialism. But for one political commentator, the ‘success’ part is debatable, and the reasons for whatever success are less about socialism and more about the fact that those practicing it are, well, Scandanavian.

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