Property tax frustrations prompt legislative bills

Property taxes are an annual challenge for home owners; they’re a biannual challenge for legislator. Minot Representative Larry Bellew is among those who regularly bring the issue back to the legislature; this year the bill was the same as in the past — restrict local jurisdictions from raising their levies by more than 5% without

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Welcome to Washington… er … La-La Land

This month has been what looks like a reality check. Let’s stipulate to a few facts. In Washington, D.C. we have a Republican President, a Republican House of Representatives and a Republican Senate. In the opinion of these duly elected persons, a tax decrease is needed to stimulate the economy. This is at a time

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Tax & Spend or Borrow & Spend? Or Reject the Premise?

I am very possibly of the minority when it comes to public opinion, but nonetheless in the mainstream with the opinions of the majority of credible economists. If there are tax reductions by Congress, it will in all probability stimulate the economy at least over the short term. A tax decrease would also be popular

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So, you’re pissed about your City taxes going up? Me too

Sometimes, maybe the best you can do is to make everyone angry. With three months on the job as a member of City Council and now a budget under my belt, that’s my ‘lesson learned’ at this point. And boy was that budget a doozy. If you’re not familiar with what’s coming your way, I

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It’s Time to Raise the Gas Tax

WIth roads and bridges in need of repair, Rob Port with the Say Anything Blog becomes an unlikely proponent of an increase in the state’s gas tax. Read his arguments here.

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Oil Prices Rebound Enough in May to Nullify Oil Production Tax Break Trigger

— Official News Release, ND Tax Commissioner — Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger provided a detailed summary of the current status of the North Dakota oil tax and oil tax incentives, better known as triggers, at a news conference today. “Our office has been watching the price of oil very closely,” said Rauschenberger. “It needed to

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Minot State Students Ready to Help With Your Taxes

Need a little assistance with your taxes? Want a second pair of eyes to look things over before you sign and send? Business Students at Minot State are ready and willing. Full story from KMOT News including how to set an appointment.

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Legislature to Wrestle with Multiple Income Tax Proposals

There are lots of income tax related bills on the legislative agenda this session, Jessica Holdman from the Bismarck Tribune provides a nice overview of the bills and informative commentary from State Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger.

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Legislators Considering Bills to Raise Tobacco Taxes

It looks like there is some consensus on raising taxes on tobacco and especially cigarettes, but by what amount is very much in debate. Mike Nowatzki breaks down the various bills and proposed tax increases.  

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First Income Tax Bill in Committee

There are a number of income tax related bills that are being discussed in the session. Get a good overview of the different proposals from Mike Nowatzki writing for the Dickinson Press.

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Zero Percent State Income Tax Rate?

Representative Scott Louser will introduce the income tax bill in the up coming session.

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