Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library sees legislation after bill shuffling, funding rewrite

After a session of politicking, it looks like the legislature and the Governor are inching toward a solution that would see dollars — to be used for operation — delivered to the Teddy Rooosevelt Library project. Jack Dura with the Bismarck Tribune has the story.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park to cull elk herd

Managing the size of TRNP’s elk herd is a nearly annual process. This year, park officials expect to take approximately thirty animals —  mostly females — as they contribute most to reproduction in the park.

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ND Humanities Council Taking Self Reflection & Philosophy to the Badlands

The ND Humanities Council inaugural ‘Think Outside’ Event is set for next weekend. The event will combine daytime hiking and mountain biking with night-time philosophical discussions on the importance of place. Jenny Schlect with the Bismarck Tribune has more.

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Managing the Herd: Bison Round up in Teddy Roosevelt NP

More than a hundred animals were gently rounded up Tuesday morning at the North Unit of Teddy Roosevelt National Park and put through a barrage of tests to confirm their health. The animals are set to be relocated around the country including to several Native American tribes; in part to help ensure genetic diversity among smaller herds.

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