Editorial: Information is Key to Waste Facilities

The Bismarck Tribune weighs in on the debate over where to put our oil field waste. We can’t be pro-oil development, pro-modern conveniences of abundant energy and take a ‘not in my backyard’ attitude.

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Filter Socks Found in Williston

More than a hundred filter socks were discovered sitting on a trailer at an oil-field service company in Williston. The socks had very low-level radiation and it is believed there was no risk of dangerous exposure.

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Revised TENORM Regulations Would Have Significant Economic Impact

You know that low-level radioactive waste left over from oil production, the stuff that’s been in the news recently? It turns out that if we allow it to be disposedĀ of in-state, an enormous amount of money would be saved — some estimates count it at $120 million.

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TENORM Comment Period Extended

The public comment period for the proposed rule changes regarding the disposal of TENORMĀ (low-level radioactive waste produced in oil exploration) has been extended. The period for public comment will remain open until March 2. More more details visit the ND Department of Health Website linked below.

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Legislative Committee Demands Specifics on Radioactive Waste Bill

State Legislator’s say they need a voice in any proposed regulations regarding the disposal low-level radioactive waste (TENORM) produced during well drilling. Public meetings on the issue are coming up starting Wednesday in Bismarck.

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