Change makes sense for Corps of Engineers

Few places have had more experience with the Corps of Engineers and flood protection than Minot, but Southern Lousiana is one place that can probably make the claim. And with experience, comes the opportunity to be constructively critical. Check out this editorial from the Daily Comet calling for a reorganization of the Corps interior related

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Permission Granted! Major milestone for Minot flood protection cleared

“This is a great step forward for advancing flood control throughout the Mouse River basin in North Dakota. This Record of Decision applies not only to those phases of construction that are expected to begin next spring but also to future projects upstream and downstream of Minot,

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Lake Audubon drought Plan draws Red River Valley commentary

A proposed Corp of Engineers plan to reduce the operating elevation of Lake Audubon during periods of extended drought has caught the attention of those in the Eastern part of the state. Back in 2005, the operating elevations between Lake Audubon and Lake Sakakawea reached 41 feet; the difference between the two lakes raised concerns

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Lake Audubon drought draw down plan sparks concerns

The snake creek embankment that separates Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon is more than 70 years old, and in 2005 it was put to a heavy test when the elevation differential between the two lakes reached 41 feet. The result of that differential sparked a concern within the Corps of Engineers that has now led

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Corp releases draft EIS on Souris flood protection plan

The Corp has two different activities going on with respect to our local flood protection. First, they are conducting their feasibility study; they were in town last month to hear public comment. But they’re also doing an environmental review on the entire Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project. And they want you to comment on

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Hoeven: Corps Chooses Minot for New Permanent Flood Protection Study

The Mouse River flood protection plan was chosen as a project worthy of an Army Corps of Engineers permanent flood protection study. The study is the first step in the Federal authorization process that may one day lead to more significant Federal funding. Senator Hoeven’s news release on the story follows below. — Official News

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ND takes lead in lawsuit against EPA over Waters of the U.S. rule

North Dakota’s argument: the rule is a federal overreach that will create burdensome regulation for farmers. Waters of the U.S. is an EPA and Corps of Engineers rule that expands the definition of waters protected by the clean water act.

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Feds to Stick Big Paddle in N.D. waters

The EPA and Corp of Engineers proposed Waters of the United States rule would give the Federal government a whole lot more say on what happens on private land. If you’re a landowner or developer, this is news you need to know about.

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Flood Control: Corp of Engineers Holding Open Public Meetings in April

There’s a little progress on the flood protection front to report — Hooray! The Corps of Engineers and the Souris River Joint Board will be holding two public forums and informational meetings coming up in April.  The official news release follows below, but here are the dates and times: April 8, Burlington High School Gym.

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