ND launching a state-wide network for UAS

One outcome of the legislative session was funding for a statewide network that would allow drones to operate beyond line of site. And while a recent federal initiative opened similar doors in the Eastern part of the state, Todd McDonald with Prairie Public has details on the state initiative.

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Alphabet is about to make drone deliveries a reality in the US

For the past several years, Minot’s been attempting to nose into the UAS industry, so all stories tied to the technology have local relevance. Here’s a big one: Wing, a subsidiary company one of the biggest companies in the world (Google), gained certification by the FAA to deliver goods by drone. Get the full story

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Minot’s Hobbyist Model Airplane and UAS Pilots Find Growing Interest

There’s little doubt that the UAS industry is growing and full of potential, but where do people in the business get there start? In all likelihood, it’s on their own, through a friend, or perhaps through a grassroots group of like-minded enthusiasts. And it turns out, Minot has just such a community.

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Africa is now the world’s testing ground for commercial drones

North Dakota likes to think of itself as a leader in UAS investment. And in the U.S., we are. But on a global scale, strict U.S. regulations are dampening the industries ability to advance at the pace dictated by commercial demands and technical ability. In Africa, regulatory burdens aren’t a problem there we’re seeing drones

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