Welcome to the Age of Extreme Acceleration

New technology has a way of disrupting the status quo. And when it comes to electric car technology, we’re on the eve of a new age of acceleration. It’s a future people both inside and outside of cars are unprepared for, and it’s likely to have consequences. What does it mean? That little extra time

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How one New Jersey City Got to Zero Traffic Deaths on Its Streets

How many traffic deaths are acceptable? The answer should always be zero, but we currently accept a lot more than that. In North Dakota, it’s typically more than 100 annually; across the country in 2021, the total was more than 42,000. So what does it take to get that number to zero? Jersey City, New

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ND State Agencies Teaming Up To Reduce Holiday Traffic Deaths

The statistics are depressing. A lot of people needlessly die on North Dakota roads every year, and alcohol is always a big contributor. Vision Zero is the state initiative to bring that number down from a lot to none at all. No deaths are acceptable. No excuses are acceptable. To raise awareness and save lives

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