North Dakota Make among most welcoming places in the world for 2023 (How Do We Build On This?)

The ranking comes from; they used over 240 million verified reviews from their website. North Dakota made the top 10 in the world’s most welcoming places. Get the full story from CNBC linked below. And we know we’re a friendly place, the question is: now that we have some recognition for it, how do

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Visit Minot continues to tell Minot’s story

Dear Minot: We’re all familiar with Minot hosting two of the largest events in North Dakota in the North Dakota State Fair and the Norsk Hostfest. But there are countless community partners who work to help Minot expand its reach beyond our city limits and beyond the borders of our state to attract visitors to

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Tournaments & Events Helping Pull Minot Out of Pandemic

What does it take to drive new events (and the people that come with them) into the Magic City for a weekend away? Recently, the answer is regional sports and competition. Coming out of the COVID pandemic Visit Minot proposed a Tourism Recovery & Resilience project. City Council supported it to the tune of $477,000.

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