EPA chief to discuss water regulations during visit to state

Scott Pruitt, the EPA’s top administrator, will be visiting North Dakota next week, and the Waters of the U.S. rule making is expected to be a hot topic of conversation. Between agricultural and energy industries and our cultural disposition toward property rights, environmental regulations and rules have big impacts on North Dakota, and it sounds

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Trump to order review of WOTUS regulations

The Waters of the U.S. Rule appears is on official hold pending what is likely to be some type of rollback. The 2015 EPA and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers rule from 2015 sought to redefine and expand the scope of waters and waterways that are federally protected.

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Congressional Report Issues Strong Position on Administration Handling of WOTUS Rule

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued a report this past Thursday on the Waters of the U.S. Rule. The report was critical of administrative procedures in crafting the rule among other things. Following it’s release, Congressman Cramer issued the following statement. “This oversight report is further evidence the Waters of the U.S.

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Growing Demand for Food Good for North Dakota, Regulatory Over Reach Bad

North Dakota Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring spoke at last month’s KMOT Ag Expo. His message: changing world markets are an opportunity for North Dakota growers, but regulatory burdens in the form of the waters of the U.S. rule will create headaches.

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ND takes lead in lawsuit against EPA over Waters of the U.S. rule

North Dakota’s argument: the rule is a federal overreach that will create burdensome regulation for farmers. Waters of the U.S. is an EPA and Corps of Engineers rule that expands the definition of waters protected by the clean water act.

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North Dakota Congressional Delegation United in Opposition to Waters of the U.S.

Senator Hoeven, Senator Heitkamp, and Congressman Cramer all issued statements in opposition to the EPA’s new Waters of the U.S. rule. The rule, which is intended to clarify what waters fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA through the Clean Water Act, is viewed locally as a vast overreach of authority by the federal government

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With Waters of the U.S., Obama Again Takes Executive Action on Environment

We’ve covered the Waters of the U.S. rule extensively on The Minot Voice, particularly Senator Hoeven’s work to marginalize its impact. But here’s some background on where the rule came from, and some thoughts on the other side of the story.

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House Approves Bill to Roll Back Waters of the U.S. rule

U.S. House Resolution 1732 passed 261-155 on Tuesday, it now goes to the Senate. The resolution will slow the adoption process of the controversial Waters of the U.S. rule being proposed by the Corps of Engineers and the E.P.A..

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