From Norway: Learn How to Love Winter

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. And in that bit of wisdom is the key to a mindset that thinks of winter not as period to survive, but an opportunity to thrive. This is a great article.

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Idea for Minot: Freezing Pants for Pointless Fun

The dark days of winter can be hard to bear. Sometimes what you need is a really stupid and pointless gesture, something that does nothing but make you smile and think for a split second — something like a pair of frozen pants. Photo by Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune. Could this be a fun addition

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Couple Stranded & Nearly Frozen in 1977 ND Blizzard Remember Rescuers

If you’re new to North Dakota, we have one rule ¬†winter driving rule that’s more important than the others — if you’re stranded in Winter, stay with your car. Here’s a¬†great story of survival and the consequences almost forty years later.

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