Minot City Council Agenda — May 20, 2019

Minot City Council will meet Monday, May 20 at 5:30 p.m. at Minot’s City Hall to consider the following agenda. All City Council meetings are open to the public and can be viewed via live stream through the City’s Youtube channel or Facebook page. 1. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 2. ROLL CALL 3. PERSONAL APPEARANCES 4.

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Fargo tourism says: drink beer at local places, earn t-shirt

It’s the place where everything’s flat — except the beer! It’s part of Fargo’s effort to capture and celebrate beer, food, and dining as part of the culture and an attraction for the region. Get the full story on what seems like an obvious win for the tourism department from the Fargo Forum.

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Africa is leading the world in plastic bag reform

Whether through bans, taxes, or simple acknowledgment of the problem — people and countries across the globe are waking up to the scourge of plastic invading our natural environments. And in countries throughout Africa, they’re taking aggressive steps to reduce usage and impacts — particularly of plastic bags. It’s a local story because the impacts

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Minot woman wins Fargo Marathon, winter training a preparation advantage

Val Curtis, a Minot mom of two, was greeted by her kids and family as she crossed the finish line of the Fargo Marathon in first Saturday. As a bonus, her time qualifies her for the Olympic Marathon Trials. Jeff Kolpack with the Fargo Forum has the full story on the achievement including the tales

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In one Minnesota lake, researchers remove invasive ‘lake killer’ by hand

When an invasive species takes root, it’s often the sign of an unfortunate end to a favorite place. But in Grand Lake, near Rockville, MN, the hopeful solution was biblical — painstaking labor. And after a couple years of disciplined hand pulling the starry stonewort from the water, they’ve got the plant on the run.

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Winnipeg’s recycling cost to increase after too much ‘crap’ put into bins

The report on recycling will be delivered to Winnipeg City Council in June. While we don’t know the full amounts, it is known that the cost of recycling to the City and citizens will be going up. The reason: contamination rates. Much of Winnipeg’s recycling materials are hauled across the ocean to Malaysia or India,

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ND ranchers cheer; U.S. beef gains full access to Japan

In a move that’s being lauded as removal of non-science-based trade barriers, U.S. beef producers will gain full access to Japanese markets. U.S. beef exports to Japan have been restricted going back more than a decade due to scares of bovine spongiform encephalopathy; those restrictions will be lifted Jenny Schlect with Forum News Service has

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ONEOK accelerating its Bakken growth projects

Oil prices and and producer confidence have been recovering slowly over the past several years. As a result, we’re again hearing of near-record production rates and seeing plans for investment in the region. Renee Jean with the Williston Herald has the story on one large player’s intentions in the region.

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