Legislators Choose Themselves Over Librarians as Library Curators

How should oversee the collections in our local library? The ND House has spoken; they should. House Bill 1205 spells out new terms for what can and cannot exist in North Dakota libraries. The bill defines ‘explicit sexual material’ and says no to it. It passed by a vote of 65-28 and will no head

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North Dakota Senate approves bill to address fentanyl epidemic

The ND Senate approved SB 2248. It puts more teeth in North Dakota law for those convicted of contributing to a person’s death by supplying fentanyl, expands fentanyl reporting requirements for law enforcement and health agencies, and begins distributing nearly $30 million biannually from the state’s opioid lawsuit settlement. The Bismarck Tribune has the full

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City Presents Comprehensive Plan at Open House

The City of Minot has been working on its 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the past year. It’s a significant document that will inform decisions and the direction of the community for many years. And on Wednesday, the public got a chance to hear from the team that put it together and see the document in

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Hunter harvest surveys are an important tool for Game and Fish 

Do you feel like everywhere you turn there’s something trying to get your attention? Spam phone calls, robo calls, junk text messages. The other day I noted advertisements in the bathroom. It got me to stop and think. So, it worked. When it comes to email, my inbox gets filled up. Just like yours. At

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Bismarck City Commission Approves Issuance of RFP for Economic Development Services (And Why it matters in Minot)

The City of Bismarck has issued an RFP (Request for Proposals) regarding its economic development activities. KX News has the story linked below. And why does it matter in Minot? The City of Minot conducts economic development activities through a contract with The Minot Chamber-EDC and prior to the recent merger, the former Minot Area

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Trial of Kid Trailer, Ky Matthews meant ‘end of organized rustling’ in the Dakotas

The prairie wasn’t always the tame place it is today. In the early years of European settlement, cattle rustling and general outlawry were common. Justice for those caught wasn’t always delivered in the courts. And in 1910, Minot was home to the trial of two who were through to be among the last of the

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Measure would tighten process for ballot initiatives to amend North Dakota constitution

North Dakota’s Constitution can be changed by a vote of the people; a vote of the people to change the constitution can be brought by the legislature or by petition from the people. Concurrent Resolution 4013 would change the terms under which those petitions can be brought and are conducted. Jack Dura with the Bismarck

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State Legislature a step closer to Stripping Fargo of Local Control Over Voting

For the past several election cycles, Fargo has had a unique challenge — lots of candidates. It resulted in elections being won with small percentages of votes. To address the issue, the City switched to ‘approval voting’; it’s a system whereby voters select all the candidates they approve of holding office. The initiative to switch

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Parks Director to Retire after 31 Years

Minot Parks Executive Director,  Ron Merritt announced his retirement Tuesday at a Special Board Meeting of the Minot Park District.  Merritt has been with the Minot Park District since May 2, 1992 when he became a Zoo Keeper at Roosevelt Park Zoo.  Merritt became the Director of the Roosevelt Park Zoo in 1998 followed by becoming the Executive

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State Increase of Education Funding Advances in Senate

Property taxes are a regular topic at the legislature, and the 2023 session is no different. Yesterday, the Senate advanced two bills that would would hit your property tax bill if successful. Senate Bill 2066 increases the state’s portion of funding K-12 education; it would reduce your school taxes by approximately 16%. And Senate Bill

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The Art of Designing a Dangerous-Looking Playground

How do we introduce kids to a world of wonder while keeping them safe? How about give them places to play that spur their imagination, tease their adventure bone, but do it in a chaotic-looking but intentionally safe form. If that’s the answer you were thinking, than you’re going to love the article linked below

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Minnesota company is finding success building apartment homes on an assembly line

There are a lot of ways to deliver more affordable housing into our communities, and one Minnesota company, Rise Modular, is doing it through efficiency of design and construction. They build modular apartment buildings that are built in a factory, shipped to the location, and assembled on site. Get the full story on innovation in

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Fargo’s Mayor pushes to speed visas for foreign visitors

Foreign visitors to the U.S. are big contributors to our economy, and first-time entrants to the country are currently waiting more than 400 days for processing interviews. A group of city mayors from around the country including Fargo’s Tim Mahoney have written a letter to the U.S. State Department requesting improvements. Get the full story

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These 4 Communities Are Leading the Way in Making Their Places Stronger

When it comes to places, the Bismarcks, and Minots of the world are more alike than they are different. We struggle in the same ways, we copy each others ideas, and the results we get leave little to get excited about. It’s a whole lot of meh. So, what does it take to make a

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5 Reasons Minot Should Create More Green Spaces

Minot’s got a great park system. And it may be providing more benefits than we give it credit for. It turns out public green spaces are key ingredients in successful places, and worthy of continued investment. And we’re not the ones saying it. The article linked below from Route Fifty points to research from the

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$2.5B power line planned from central North Dakota to western Montana

A big investment in connecting the regional power grid is centering in North Dakota, literally. The 385 mile long Northern Plains Connector line would connect from Colstrip, Montana to Center, and Solen, North Dakota. The line would be capable of carrying up to 3,000 megawatts, nearly 75% of North Dakota’s peak demand. Get the full

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