2024 Auto Insurance Comparison

BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Insurance Department today released the results of its annual cost comparison survey of auto insurance companies in North Dakota, which illustrates the various factors and rates drivers pay for coverage.

Participating insurance companies were asked to provide quotes based on 12 scenarios with varying factors, including age, family size, location, gender and driving record. Over 20 insurance companies participated, selected based on the volume of policies in North Dakota. The companies in the survey represent over 80 percent of auto insurance policies in the state.

“Auto insurance rates in North Dakota have seen tempered increases compared to other parts of the country, but we’re dealing with a perfect storm of factors impacting insurance rates,” said Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread. “Inflation has been the root cause of most of the increases because it has ripple effects into other areas, such as increased repair costs, auto part shortages leading to increased repair times and increased cost to insurers. Because policies are typically six to 12-month contracts, it will take time for insurers to bounce back.”

The survey results are available at

Godfread encourages consumers to regularly meet with their insurance agent to discuss available cost-saving measures, such as eligible discounts, adjusting deductibles and changing driving habits.

“The U.S. insurance industry is facing a hard market right now, meaning premiums are increasing and coverage options are more restrictive. In North Dakota, we are striving daily to keep insurance accessible while keeping costs at bay. North Dakota continues to have a competitive auto insurance market, and this survey is evident that consumers have several options,” said Godfread.

Consumers with insurance questions or issues are encouraged to contact the North Dakota Insurance Department at or (701) 328-2440.


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