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Legislature Debating Whether to Ban or Require Teaching of Divisive Topics

It’s tough making sense of the North Dakota legislature some days. Senate Bill 2247 sets out to ban the teaching of divisive topics in the state’s institutions of higher education. The topics that are defined as ‘divisive’ center around race and sex and privilege and the past. The hearing on the bill brought out thoughtful opposition from representatives of the university system and students suggesting education is about the thoughtful exchange of ideas. You can read more about the bill and testimony from Joe Banish providing coverage for here. 

Meanwhile, in the other chamber, House Bill 1265 sets forth the requirement that high school life science curriculums must include, “A high-definition ultrasound video, at least five minutes in duration, showing the development of the brain, heart, sex organs, and other vital organs in early fetal development.”

The Fargo school board has gone on the record against HB 1265 with the stated position of being against curriculum mandates in all situations. Read more about the legislation from David Olson writing for Inforum.

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