Minot: Community Facility Sales Tax Applications

May was the application month for those seeking sales tax dollars for their community facility projects. Six applications were submitted — two from the City of Minot, two from the Minot Park District, one from Minot State University, and one from the Domestic Violence Crisis Center. Here’s the rundown of the projects.

The community facilities committee will meet the middle of this month to make recommendations for a July 6 City Council meeting. If approved, funds would become available in 2016.

Minot State: $1 million Requested for Seasonal, Air-supported Dome

Minot State University submitted an application to build an air-supported dome structure over Herb Parker Stadium. The total project cost is estimated at $2.1 million, $1 million is being requested from sales tax dollars. The dome would be installed seasonally to provide indoor practice space during winter months. Anticipated operations would see the dome installed during November and removed in April annually.

City of Minot: $1.518 million requested for Paving Project at Sertoma Softball Complex (North Hill)

The City of Minot Recreation Department is requesting ~$1.5 million to be used to pave the upper parking lot and interior asphalt areas of the softball complex. The project does not include paving for the lower parking lot due to seasonal use as a snow removal site.

City of Minot: $1.05 million Requested for Auditorium Seating Replacement & Building Improvements

The City of Minot Recreation Department is requesting $1,050,000 to be used in updating the Municipal Auditorium. Listed by priority, the cost breakdown of the improvements are as follows.

  • Seating replacement in the upper balcony: $550,000
  • Lighting replacement: $150,000
  • Flooring Replacement: $350,000

Minot Park District: $1.6 million Requested for Artificial Turf Installation on Field at Jack Hoeven Complex

Minot Park District is requesting $1.6 million to install artificial turf on one of the full-size baseball fields at Jack Hoeven Park. The improvements would allow for earlier spring-season use of the field.

Minot Park District: $1 million Requested for MAYSA Arena Expansion

Minot Park District is requesting an additional $1 million to be used for the addition of a third ice-sheet at MAYSA Arena. The MAYSA expansion project is a $10.2 million project. To date, the community facilities fund has contributed $3 million towards the project. Minot Hockey Boosters have contributed $2.35 million. The Park District has contributed $1.5 million, and ~$1 million has been secured through private fundraising and sponsorships. Additional money is needed because the scope of the project has changed such that the new ice-sheet will be in more of an event-capable arena with seating.

Domestic Violence Crisis Center: $200,000 Request for New Beginnings Campus

The Domestic Violence Crisis Center is requesting $200,000. The New Beginnings Campus construction was completed in 2014, but higher-than-expected building costs have left the organization struggling to provide services and stay financially solvent. The $3.64 million project was paid for through private donations, grants, and the sale of other organizational assets, but in total they were still ~$790k short.They are requesting $200k to help pay down their existing construction loan.


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Brad Schimke

I like the list. All have merit (pardon the pun Mr. Merritt) and can/should/will be available to be used and have benefit by much of our community. Seems like a much more fitting list than bleachers at a private high school or some others this fund has covered.

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