Marathon community facilities meeting ends in indecision

The community facilities allocation of Minot’s sales tax is set at 30% of 1-cent. By the end of 2017, it’s expected to have about $4.8 million available. The first step in deciding which projects are funded rests in the hands of a subcommittee of City Council members, and they met on Thursday to review applications.

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Community Facility Committee Recommends Softball Field Project, Parker Senior Center Renovation, DVCC Funding

Back between the 1st and second flood evacuations in 2011, the citizens of Minot approved a sales tax reallocation. Before that, the second penny of our 2-cent sales tax was earmarked for use in the NAWS project, but with voter approval in June of 2011, the second penny is now used towards 40% capital infrastructure,

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Minot: Community Facility Sales Tax Applications

May was the application month for those seeking sales tax dollars for their community facility projects. Six¬†applications were submitted — two from the City of Minot, two from the Minot Park District, one from Minot State University, and one from the Domestic Violence Crisis Center. Here’s the rundown of the projects. The community facilities committee

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Watford City Event Center Moving Closer to Reality

Planning and design on the $100 million dollar facility has been taking place for years, but a final piece of the financing puzzle was put in place as the City Council approved using sales tax dollars for the facility.

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Geothermal Heating Considered for Fargo’s New City Hall

At an estimated cost of $850,000 against an annual savings of ~$18,000, the economics of the plan look shaky, but the fact that this concept is even being considered represents a subtle shift towards more environmentally conscious thinking and planning.

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Mandan Considers Sales Tax to Pay For Community Facilities

Specifically, the money would be used for construction of a double-sheet ice arena and gymnastics facility. The Park Board approved the measure, the City Commission needs to also in order to put it on the June 9 ballot.

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