Corps of Engineers Interested in Dead Loop Restoration Through Souris Basin

The Souris River Joint Board’s monthly meeting was yesterday; the work continues on implementing all aspects the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan. Of note, members of the Corp of Engineers were in Minot this past week and they expressed an interest in projects related to ecosystem restoration. In plain English, the message being conveyed to our local project representatives is that the U.S.A.C.E. is interested in fixing mistakes of the past that led to the basin’s now-dead loops.

The news is best delivered directly by SRJB Project Administrator, Ryan Ackerman. Watch the short video below to learn more about where we’re at in the process. Mr. Ackerman also provides a brief update on expected flow rates throughout the basin and talks about a new tool that’s been developed to help all of us better understand the data that goes into flood forecasting. Follow this link to check out the Souris River Basin current conditions tool mentioned in the video.

Josh Wolsky

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