U.S. scientist urges action to save Lake Winnipeg

Did you know it’s possible to kill a lake? It is; it happened to Lake Erie. And a scientist who studied that catastrophe sees a similar pattern repeating with Lake Winnipeg. Why does it matter in Minot? The culprit is nutrient loading — particularly phosphorous. If you’ve noticed algae blooms in Minot’s river, you know

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Teams searching for cheap way to stop algae blooms, with $10 million prize on the line

You have an efficient, cost-effective way to remove phosphorous from freshwater bodies? If so, you may want to enter it into an innovation competition sponsored The Everglades Foundation in Florida. The prize: $10,000,000. Whether North or South, algae blooms are an increasing problem and one of the primary contributors is phosphorus-rich runoff that feeds the

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Stretch of Mississippi River in and around St. Cloud sheds its sullied history

For one city in Minnesota, the Mississippi River was just a water pathway that flowed through town. It was the place they dumped their sewage; it was the home of meat-packing plants that sent their environmental impacts downstream. They stopped the environmental damage they were doing a generation ago; now their eyes are opening to

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Popular central Minnesota lakes near ‘tipping points’ for water quality

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes; many of them offer weekend respite and retirement hideaways. But an environmental threat is putting a few of them at risk. High nutrient loads in the water are the problem, and the solutions are a lot less expensive if they’re enacted before the tipping point is passed. Read

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River Management Changes Still Years Away – Story | North Dakota

If you’re up to speed on Minot’s flood protection efforts, you’ve probably heard the term ‘parallel tracks’. That language describes the project’s sponsorsĀ attempt to improve flood protection through multiple efforts. One is the infrastructure project in Minot, another is the river management aspect that requires reworking an international agreement between Canada and the U.S. Jim

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In a Minot Minute: Ride the River

Shannon Straight with @sourisfriends (Friends of the Souris River) talks about tomorrow’s Ride the River Event. For more details, check out their Facebook event page.  

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Proposed River Trail in MN Aims to Connect Multiple Communities

The idea has a name; it’s called the Crow River Regional Trail. The goal is to connect 10 different communities with a common thread — a recreational path along a river that passes through all them. Sounds like something that may interest @sourisfriends — otherwise knowns as the Friends of the Souris River.

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Corps of Engineers Interested in Dead Loop Restoration Through Souris Basin

The Souris River Joint Board’s monthly meeting was yesterday; the work continues on implementing all aspects the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan. Of note, members of the Corp of Engineers were in Minot this past week and they expressed an interest in projects related to ecosystem restoration. In plain English, the message being conveyed

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