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Have you noticed the world seems a little screwed up these days? It’s kind of like somewhere along the way, the plan went sideways. If you’re among those who are feeling a little lost by all of it, or are tuning out because of it — and because of all the yelling, we’ve got something for you.

It’s a little softer, perhaps a little more constructive, hopefully instructive, and at the very least, good food for a curious mind. It’s a look back. It’s a return to beginning, or at least the earlier years. Because maybe there’s something back there that tells us about today.

Below are articles from the Ward County Independent from May 13, 1926. It’s the first teaser of what will be a weekly series called Tomorrow’s News Today. Volume 1 Issue 1 drops tomorrow.

note: if you click on the pictures of the articles, it will open a new tab with the full size image.

It was rough out there

If the seven days preceding May 13, 1926 are any indicator (the Ward County Independent was a weekly newspaper), one of the takeaways is how tough life was. And how painfully tragic at times, too. The scary stories our grand parents told us to keep us from hurting or more tragically accidentally killing ourselves weren’t just stories. They really happened.

The seeds of today’s trees and traditions were planted long ago — literally.

What becomes of a community where those men and women of character plant seeds to trees whose shade they’ll never enjoy? We are living in an example. In a random week in 1926 we can see the commitment to building a more beautiful physical environment and taking care of those in need. These traditions are still alive and well in Minot today through 1,000 Trees for Minot and the work of Farm Rescue.

It is not the critic that counts…

The statue of Teddy Roosevelt is an iconic Minot landmark. We are proud of it today, and we were proud of it back then, too. But even then, statues were not without their controversy. It seems one whining critic took exception to a replica of Minot’s statue that had been placed in Portland, Oregon, some years earlier. The critic did not the think the horse a good representation. A defense was made. And in it we get a delightful picture of the care and precision that came in bringing our beloved Teddy into the world.

A history of the Teddy Roosevelt statue in Roosevelt Park, Minot, ND.

“I would know that is my father by looking at his back.”

Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longworth, President Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest child

News of High Ideals & Inspiration

We live in the era when “Fake News” became ubiquitous. Our cynicism toward the news may be new, it may not. Our news from 1926 doesn’t say one way or another. But one thing is certain. The editors of the day viewed their platform as one that had role in calling people to actions of high character and ideals. And they weren’t shy about sharing it.

Onward and Upward

I wish more men somehow would learn
The value of a great ideal.
I wish that all of us could feel
The earnestness and faith that burn
Within the heart of him who holds
A worthy purpose for his guide.
For him the gates of joy stand wide
And genuine success unfolds.

To him there is but one demand
Upon his labor and his thought;
He counts that progress dearly bought
Which values most the gain at hand,
And so obscures all higher goals.
He knows that only as men climb
Toward things exalted and sublime
Will fortune richly bless their souls.

O. Lawrence Hawthorne

Josh Wolsky

Developer & Writer @TheMinot Voice, Fan of the Souris River, SavorMinot Advocate. Fortunate to be a 'former' City Council member ;)

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4 comments on “Introducing Tomorrow’s News. Today.

Barbara Myhre

Loved reading through these articles. My father, W.H. “Bill” Fuller would have been 1 month shy of 5 years old when this was printed. His father, E.C. Fuller, and Glenn Colcord were the publisher and editor of the Ward County Independent. He joined those two at the paper when he returned from service in WWII.

Josh Wolsky

Thanks for the comment Barb! That’s very cool story and connection you have… from the few editions I’ve so far reviewed, the Ward County Independent was a great newspaper. There’s lots to be proud of there!
Josh Wolsky

David Pence

Great idea for a series! I remember in the 1960s and 70s the Minot Daily had a retro feature looking back 25, 50 and maybe 75 years ago. They were just short snippets. I like reading these whole articles.
I know it’s not easy, but please do your best to get the sharpest copy possible when you scan your sources.
Thanks and good luck with this project.

Josh Wolsky

Hey Dave!
Thanks for the comment; glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you were able to click on the pictures, while the cropped version on display aren’t very clear, the full size versions reached by clicking are a bit better.

We’ll always do our best to reproduce as clearly as possible, but we’re all at the mercy of those who scanned before us 😉
Josh Wolsky

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