Low and other Minnesota bands fight for rights to their master recordings

The music business has many tales of bands and artists becoming trapped in contracts and losing control of their careers because of the fine print in industry contracts. And it becomes even more confusing when music ownership rights transfer among huge industry mergers and acquisitions. It’s forcing bands into the courtroom to reclaim what they originally created. Get the full story from the Star Tribune.

And why does it matter in Minot? Because it invites a question: what if there was a place where the laws favored the artist just a little bit? Do you suppose it might help attract artists? We’ve seen it happen in other business — tax rates in South Dakota attract credit card companies. Favorable courts in Delaware attract corporate incorporation. Why not artists in North Dakota? Who knows what they’d create once we got them here?

This article was sourced from:

Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune


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