The economy keeps adding jobs, but filling them gets harder

Jobs, jobs, jobs — they aren’t hard to find. The tricky part is for the businesses that need qualified people to fill them. NPR has the story on the national trend, but there’s a message we’d do well to take note of here in Minot. We perpetually pursue jobs through economic development, but we already

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Five members named to state Economic Development Foundation board

The Economic Development Foundation board was established by the legislature in 2001 to provide an oversight role for the state’s economic development efforts. What’s curious about the appointments and the larger board makeup is there isn’t a single member from Minot on the 17-member board. The larger question is does that matter? Is this a

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Commentary: Why Does Fargo Keep Giving Tax Dollars Away?

Tony Gehrig is a Fargo City Commissioner who wonders out loud if the Fargo City Commission is using its economic development incentives properly. Though this relates directly to Fargo, the lesson could be applied to any community trying to entice businesses — for example, Minot.

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Souris Basin Planning Council Receives $66,000 for Economic Development

Senator Hoeven’s office announced $66,000 in Federal money that will be directed to the Souris Basin Planning Council. The grant will be used to develop a strategy to diversify the economy in the region. — Officials News Release, Senator Hoeven — WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven, who serves on the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, today

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Air Force Has $600 Million Impact on Local Economy

The economic impact Minot Air Force Base delivers to Minot can be calculated, but it’s importance to the community can’t be overstated. And one of the annual tasks the Air Force takes on is estimating their annual contribution to the local economy. It’s a significant number, close to $600 million. The news release on the

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Manitoba: Loan program announced for breweries and distilleries

The province of Manitoba is looking to kickstart the brewing and distilling industries. So much so, they’re starting a loan program to help new start-ups purchase equipment.

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Fargo to revisit city’s tax break policy

These programs justify themselves under the shield of economic development, and there are examples where they are effective at generating redevelopment. But in Fargo, it seems the City Commission has been stretching framework to fit project.

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