Minnesota lawmakers advance universal school lunch bill

Another North Dakota neighbor is contemplating keeping kids fed while they’re at school. Last week we pointed you to a similar story out of Montana, this week the source is Minnesota. And the rationale behind the legislative bills is similar — school performance, shame and stigma attached to taking support from current programs and methods. Of course, money is always a factor, too.

Why does this matter in Minot and North Dakota? We have hungry kids, too. And while no kid goes hungry (we have community supporters that pick up the bill in lots of different ways), it’s worth asking if there are better or more efficient ways to deliver the need for lunch while kids are at school. It’s also worth observing how laws and ideas replicate and spread across states; we sometimes think of ourselves as unique, as the only places going through particular challenges. In reality, it’s the opposite.

This article was sourced from:

Alex Derosier, Grand Forks Herald


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