Should We Start Painting Intersections in Minot With Art if it Makes Them Safer?

Part of making communities desirable places to live is making them safe. That can be a challenge when there are so many potential conflict points between cars and people. And when those two face off, the cars always win. But what if the simple act of turning an intersection into a work of art made

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Bismarck Human Relations Committee Holds Listening Forum

The Bismarck Human Relations Committee is hosting a Community Conversation Forum to discuss the struggles faced by its residents. It’s a relevant topic for Minot locals who experienced the controversial disbandment of our own human relations committee in 2023. The forum, taking place at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library, is an effort to foster

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‘Canoe safari,’ riverfront walk and more among proposed features in Cedar Rapids’ Greenway Plan

As Minot continues to rebuild and add protection following the 2011 flood, we need to be on the look out for other communities on the same path. Cedar Rapids is one of those places. They are currently seeking community input for their riverfront Greenway Plan, which aims to enhance the area with new parks, sports

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Cheese Report | November 28, 2023

As December beckons, let’s delve into this week’s cheese updates, perfect timing as Minot preps for some melodic and gastronomic delights! In the Midwest, cheese production is robust, with strong milk volumes clearing into Class III processing. With the holiday season upon us, retail demand is surging – a sign that cheese boards will be

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Road Trip Reflections & Minot’s Path to Progress

A couple of years ago I brought a car back from Florida. I used the trip as an opportunity to see how Minot measured up. I wanted to see how we compared to other places. I didn’t have a lot of time, so my stops were brief. Most were maybe an hour – just enough

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Is The Twilight Zone Our New American Reality?

Imagine a science fiction episode in the classic old black and white series, The Twilight Zone. The main character is a middle class woman in a middle class town in the Midwest called Lake Flaccid. The woman has a toothache. She goes to her dentist. Her dentist doesn’t treat her but instead offers her his

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City Council Approves Lane Reduction for 4th Ave NW

Are more lanes the best way to handle traffic? It’s an assumption that’s shaped communities, including Minot, for decades, but as traffic engineers gather more data, they’re learning ‘more’ isn’t always better or safer. Well, Minot’s going to put that idea into practice. 4th Ave NW from Broadway to the bypass is going to get

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North Dakota bison processing plant expands as more people seek healthier protein

Bison have sustained the prairie in more ways than one since they’ve been around, and after being pushed to near extinction a century ago, they’re recently reemerging in old-fashioned form — as a healthy source of food. Demand for Bison meat is on the rise, and that’s pushed a North Dakota processing center in New

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With Gardening Decisions on the Horizon, One Variety Peas Outperforms the Others

There is nothing better than eating fresh peas in the garden. You pop open a pea pod and the green pearls inside are as sweet as candy. At North Dakota State University, we have worked with hundreds of families to identify the best peas for our state. The finest pea is Lincoln, an heirloom variety

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House Passes Raw Milk Bill

The ND House delivered a win to food freedom advocates Monday. House Bill 1515 allows dairy farms to sell raw, unpasteurized milk straight off the farm, but restrict dairies from selling raw product to grocery stores or wholesalers. The bill passed by an 83-10 vote. The Grand Forks Herald has the full story.

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Architecture Firm plans to revitalize oft-ignored corner of downtown Fargo

What does it take to turn a blighted empty building into a productive space again? In Fargo, an architecture firm is answering the questions with a simple answer — vision. Craftwell Architecture and Construction is a Fargo firm in the process of designing a space for itself inside a former car service business. Inforum has

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Gov. Burgum’s Deep Dakota roots

Governor Burgum’s family beat the railroad to North Dakota and crossed paths with the characters that epitomize the story of the west and frontier settlement. From Custer to Sitting Bull and a doctor named Slaughter, get the full story on the Governor’s colorful family history in the Inforum article linked below.

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Enigmatic billboards mystify North Dakota travelers

If you’ve driven I-94 near Jamestown in the past year, you may have noticed some billboards that didn’t quite explain themselves. From Caesar Salad museums to unremarkable snakes, the signs are attention grabbing if not confusing. Well, there’s a bit more to the story, and you can get it at the Grand Forks Herald.

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City Presents Comprehensive Plan at Open House

The City of Minot has been working on its 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the past year. It’s a significant document that will inform decisions and the direction of the community for many years. And on Wednesday, the public got a chance to hear from the team that put it together and see the document in

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Trial of Kid Trailer, Ky Matthews meant ‘end of organized rustling’ in the Dakotas

The prairie wasn’t always the tame place it is today. In the early years of European settlement, cattle rustling and general outlawry were common. Justice for those caught wasn’t always delivered in the courts. And in 1910, Minot was home to the trial of two who were through to be among the last of the

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The Art of Designing a Dangerous-Looking Playground

How do we introduce kids to a world of wonder while keeping them safe? How about give them places to play that spur their imagination, tease their adventure bone, but do it in a chaotic-looking but intentionally safe form. If that’s the answer you were thinking, than you’re going to love the article linked below

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