Minot Hepatitis C Outbreak Grows by One

— Official News Release, ND Department of Health —

The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) has confirmed one additional case of hepatitis C related to the outbreak in Ward County, bringing the total number of cases to 51. The case was identified as part of the NDDoH’s continuing investigation into the

This case is similar in profile to the other cases in the outbreak in that it has occurred in an older individual with complicated health issues. The case is not associated with residency at ManorCare, Minot. There has been no evidence of disease transmission at ManorCare, Minot, since the fall of 2013. However, the health department continues to investigate this outbreak.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection can cause serious liver disease. It is transmitted from person to person when a non-infected person comes into contact with the blood of an infected person and the virus enters the body through a break in the skin. Most cases in the U.S. are transmitted through sharing of needles during illicit drug use, but this has not been identified as a risk factor in this outbreak.

Josh Wolsky

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