Population Growth, Oil Boom put Strain on Health Department

  The Department of Health has a lot of responsibilities, and a growing population and booming oil industry has put extra pressure on the department’s employees. And on top of it all, a negative work environment is exasperating the problems.

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North Dakota Department of Health Work Environment Anything but Healthy

A toxic work environment at the North Dakota Department of Health is affecting the performance of the department and contributing to employee attrition. Mike Nowatzki with Forum News Services has the story.

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North Dakota Oil and Gas Officials Request Corrections to Inside Energy Story

Inside Energy published an article recently that shined light on inconsistencies with reporting and transparency within the Department of Health and Department of Mineral Resources regarding oil and brine spills. State officials took exception to the article and requested corrections from Inside Energy on certain portions of the coverage. When the news itself becomes the news,

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ND Dept. of Health Addresses Measles Outbreaks (None So Far in ND)

There’s been a lot of news surrounding Measles outbreaks around the country, and in response the ND Department of Health issued a news release on the issue and the importance of getting your kids vaccinated. — Official News Release, ND Department of Health — The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) is reminding North Dakotans

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Accidental deaths from drug use on the rise in North Dakota

Over the past 15 years, the number of annual deaths caused by drug overdoses has grown dramatically. And the scary part, we don’t really know how bad the problem is or where to begin fighting it because Department of Health is not tracking the data.

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TENORM Comment Period Extended

The public comment period for the proposed rule changes regarding the disposal of TENORM (low-level radioactive waste produced in oil exploration) has been extended. The period for public comment will remain open until March 2. More more details visit the ND Department of Health Website linked below.

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Legislative Committee Demands Specifics on Radioactive Waste Bill

State Legislator’s say they need a voice in any proposed regulations regarding the disposal low-level radioactive waste (TENORM) produced during well drilling. Public meetings on the issue are coming up starting Wednesday in Bismarck.

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Minot Hepatitis C Outbreak Grows by One

— Official News Release, ND Department of Health — The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) has confirmed one additional case of hepatitis C related to the outbreak in Ward County, bringing the total number of cases to 51. The case was identified as part of the NDDoH’s continuing investigation into the outbreak. This case

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