Minot Liquor License Regulations Claim Latest Business Casualty

The doors are locked, the lights are turned off, and all signs point to Sidekicks bar and grill being closed for good. Though the owner of the establishment has not yet been reached for comment, Rob Teets, the Charitable Gaming Manager for the Minot Hockey Boosters which previously operated the gaming inside of Sidekicks confirmed the business has closed.

“We lost a gaming site that employed between eight and nine employees and a location that produced 25% of our income, so we’re going to take a pretty big hit,” said Teets.

Sidekicks had been operating under a conditional license that was the result of an administrative hearing in December of 2015. At that time, the business was given until June 1st to come into compliance with Minot’s liquor license laws under which the establishment was licensed to sell liquor and beer through a hotel license.

An investigation by the Minot Police Department earlier this month established that the hotel operating on the site was not in compliance with conditions of a Minot hotel-motel retail liquor and beer sales license which requires at least a hundred rentable rooms. Further, Shine Time LLC, the legal entity operating Sidekicks was not connected to the hotel operation.

Per that investigation, the Minot Police Department was recommending the Liquor and Gambling Control Committee deny the license renewal request of Shine Time LLC.

Based on testimony given at the December administrative hearing, Sidekicks had more than 30 employees.

Josh Wolsky

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3 comments on “Minot Liquor License Regulations Claim Latest Business Casualty

Craig Krieghoff

Really this is a cluster^^^^ in a time when the economy is turning for the worse the Police and who ever the ABC is could not have come to some other agreement to help this long time establishment through these times. At least 60 people unemployed all because bureaucrats could not figure a way to help…. The Minot Police really is this high crimes and misdemeanors? Understand that we citizens gift you some of our Liberties and trust that you honor those liberties to help not hurt.. We can and will take them back at any time. You now have 60 that feel violated buy the Minot Police…….Its why Police across the Nation are under fire..

Josh Wolsky

Hey Craig,

I agree, it is shame, but it’s absolutely NOT the fault of the Police. Their job is to enforce the laws we have — we don’t want them doing the job of the judge and the jury.

This business was out of compliance and the police department’s job was to investigate and make a recommendation. They did that well. And they did that in an unbiased manner.

The real culprit — the one we are totally empowered to deal with — is our City’s liquor license laws. If we make those laws business friendly and such that a business can actually enter this market and compete, the problem goes away.

Josh Wolsky

Krista Cory

Thank you, Josh!

I agree that it’s a shame that all of the employees lost their jobs. However, the Minot PD didn’t just do this “willy-nilly”. Like you said…..they are there to enforce the laws. It just infuriates me that the police are almost always blamed.

And Craig…… I honestly and sincerely hope that if there is ever a time that you are in need of help from the Minot PD, or any other law enforcement agency, that they are there for you.

Best regards ~

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